Natasha K. Mascarenhas
Natasha K. Mascarenhas


Storyteller, with a thing for color.


A quick intro:

Born and bred in New Jersey, I’m currently finishing up my last semester at Boston University as a journalism major. Throughout my college career, I’ve worked at a number of outlets, such as the Boston Globe and the San Francisco Chronicle.

My eye for stories has brought me to ask people why they were protesting in the rain, leading to a story about a downtown Boston call center swept with allegations of bed bugs and unfair wage. That reporting inspired an investigation by Boston’s Inspectional Services Department into the company’s workplace environment. It has also brought me to the bar of Santarpio’s Pizza, where I pried a story out of a waiter. And my nostalgia for video stores brought me to write a Sunday feature on the struggles of San Francisco’s three remaining stores. 

As a budding journalist, I’ve always stayed true to one motto: if there’s a story to be told, I will always raise my hand.






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