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Re: How I feel about pushy nurses

When I was born, a pushy nurse said the name Natasha Mascarenhas was a bit wordy, so my mom should go for something "easier to remember." My nurse offered Kim as a short substitute, but my wise mother chose to keep my 18 character name. In fact, she decided to push back at a nurse a little and give me a middle name. It's Kim, by the way.

Nineteen years and many misspellings later, it's as if my mom had known on that October morning, that I would truly appreciate the longer byline.


I have an Instagram dedicated to quinoa

If you're in need of some cooking inspiration, check out my food Instagram @eatprayquinoa. There's over 100 original recipes that I've shared over the past 7 months, as part of my journey toward a healthier lifestyle. While the aesthetics have been fun to play around with, most of my meals are very simple to create and ideal for tired students. Some of my favorite recipes include Pad Thai Quinoa, Cauliflower Pita plate, and a very classic daal (which is an Indian-spiced lentil dish).

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When I'm not at the news desk, I'm on the dance floor

After dancing for about 11 years through a small town association, I've joined an all-female fusion dance team at Boston University, Chankaar. We combine Bollywood, hip hop, classical and contemporary styles of choreography and compete around the nation with other college teams. 

Dance teams in the Bollywood circuit usually create a piece based on storyline, whether it be about two characters falling in love or a brother-sister duo looking for a way to break from traditional Indian norms. While I'm on stage, I recreate my love for storytelling in the form of movement, expression and song.

And finally, I wouldn't be a good journalist if my life didn't revolve around deadlines. When my team performs, we have about 6 minutes to tell a story through dance, to hundreds of people.'s that for time management skills.